Comments Policy

I’m glad you want to talk.  I’d love to hear from you.

I have decided to differentiate between those who can comment and those who I’d rather get an email from.  Here’s how.

I’d like to limit comments to to those with a specific kind of relevant knowledge about the ballpark at hand.  That means that I will approve comments by those in one of three groups:

1.  You went to the ballpark with me.  Since this is, first and foremost, about my experiences, if you were there, you are an expert on my experience.  Chip in.

2.  You are someone I know, especially someone who has been to many ballparks. Or you are an actual real-life friend of mine.

3.  You work for the team who calls that ballpark home.  I’ve received interesting email through the years about the difficulty of growing grass one summer or how much a team loathes its own 4th of July Promotion.  That’s interesting stuff, and is more than welcome here.

If any of the above does not apply to you, let’s keep these pages sleek and uncluttered and instead send me an email.  Paul, then the @ sign, then paulsballparks, then a period/dot, then com.

All comments require a first and last name and a working email.  I have to approve the first one; thereafter, you can post anywhere (but please follow the above rules).  I can delete any comment for any reason, and at some point probably will.

Remember–this doesn’t mean I don’t welcome your email.  I do.  Feel free to fire one off to me anytime to paul (my first name) at paulsballparks, then a dot, then com.

Happy commenting and emailing.